Track 1) GURUDEV
“I Bow to the Divine Teacher Within.”
In this tradition of Kundalini Yoga, before beginning any Yoga or Mantra session, we tap into our higher selves and ask to be led by our highest Divinity.

Track 2) GANESHA
“I Bow to Ganapati” (The Lord of Power).
When awakening the Power of Kundalini, We must first empower the Root Chakra. It is written that Ganesha must always be worshipped first before doing anything else. This means that the power of Kundalini cannot rise up the spine without first turning on the power generator within the body. Ganesha is seen as a rotund man with the head of an Elephant. This signifies the Power of the Earth combined with the Divine potential of the Human Spirit.

Track 3) DURGA
“I Bow to She Who is Both Awesome and Nurturing”
Durga is a powerful form of Parvati. She is the Mother of Ganesha. She IS Kundalini. Chanting to Durga gives protection, mental peace and physical health. By chanting to Durga, we safely allow the power of Mother Kundalini to begin Her ascent up the spinal column toward Supreme Consciousness. Mother Durga is seen as riding a tiger. She has 10 arms and carries in them all the Divine Weapons of the gods.

Track 4) SHIVA
“I Bow to the Power of Auspiciousness.” Once Kundalini has been awakened, She seeks to reunite herself with Her husband, Lord Shiva. Shiva represents Divine Awareness and Supreme Consciousness. The Five syllables in this Mantra “NA MA SHI VA YA” stimulate and empower the first five chakras and the Five elements within the body. NA (ROOT/EARTH) MA (SEXUAL CENTER/WATER) SHI (NAVEL/FIRE) VA (HEART/AIR) YA (THROAT/ETHER). I have also embedded other affirmations which are approximate translations of the mantra. They work very well with headphones. Those affirmations are “I Bow To That Which I Am Capable of Becoming.” And “I Am Infinite Awareness.” Please do not listen to this track while driving!

Track 5) RAMA
“Salutations to the Divinely Empowered Soul. Victory to The Soul! Victory, Victory to The Soul.”
RAMA is an incarnation of Vishnu (The Universal Soul). The two syllabes RA MA balance the two sides of the body. RA is the Right side of the body and corresponds with the power of the male, the Father and the Sun. MA is the Left side of the body and corresponds with the female, the Mother and the power of the Moon. This mantra is called the “Taraka Mantra” which means “That which carries one to liberation.” This is the mantra that Mahatma Gandhi chanted his whole life. The syllables RA MA can also be seen as “Divine Balance.” The simple word RAMA is one of the most healing sounds in the Universe because it invokes BALANCE and HARMONY. It is written that the most powerful mantra for liberation and healing is to simply say the word “RAMA.”

Track 6) SHANTI
This mantra is a great way to wind down and bring a sense of peace and serenity into one’s being and surroundings. It calms the mind and reduces stress and conflicts. Who doesn’t need more peace in their lives?