My first drum teacher was Baba Ayo Adeyemi, a master of Djembe, Djun djun, Bell and Conga. He is a Shaman Priest of Ifa. (The Religion of the Yoruba People). Until Baba Ayo came to the USA and began teaching these rhythms, a person needed to be initiated into a very secret sect of Ifa in order to learn to drum these songs. These rhythms are the secret soul of Ifa. By learning these rhythms, you are able to call down powerful, sacred energies for healing and transformation.
Thank You Baba Ayo for sharing with us!!! Anyone in the Socal area interested in learning traditional spiritual drumming from Africa should contact Ayo. all of his instructional materials have been moved to his website. Baba Ayo is also available to travel for seminars. Learning from him is a real blessing! I highly recommend leraning from him in person.
Thank you BABA!
My African Drum Teacher, Baba Ayo Adeyemi