Earth Shaman Custom Flutes are Hand Painted with acrylic paints. Each flute is concert tuned to the keys of A F# or G. Each Flute is unique. You can pre purchase a similar flute flute in A, F# or G. When you order, I will prepare, paint and finish your flute and ship it to you via USPS priority mail. Each flute comes with instructions on how to play and maintain your Shaman Flute. To hear how the amazing sound of this flute, play the youtube video below. If you are having trouble viewing this video, copy and paste this url into your browser
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Buy Earth Shaman Hand Painted, Concert tuned Native American Style Flute in either A minor, F# minor, G minor.
each flute is made from poplar wood, sealed inside and out with pharmaceutical grade butcher block oil, then the outside is sealed with two coats of all natural, non-toxic shallac. Allow 3 or more weeks for delivery. Each flute shipped and insured by priority mail. Click
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Buy Earth Shaman Flute $145.00