The Fountain of Youth Rediscovered! Through scientific studies, doctors have determined that Resveratrol activates the "Anti-Aging Gene" that is responsible for the anti-aging process. This is very exciting! Health supplement companies have been claiming to have found the "fountain of youth" for years. But as time goes on, we find out that these youth enhancing products are not what we thought. However, Resveratrol has stood up under intense scientific scrutiny and seems to actually have the ability to "switch on" the gene responsible for extending life.

One interesting function of Resveratrol is to help the cell tissue operate at it's best by helping it to replicate its DNA more accurately. One of the causes of ageing and disease is when the cell can no longer replicate it's DNA correctly. Resveratrol helps the cell replicate DNA more accurately for longer periods. This helps the cell stay "young."

Similar to Calorie Restriction.
The effects of Resveratrol are similar to calorie restriction. This is the only other method currently known to science that will switch on the "longevity gene." So far, the research has only been done in microbes and other small organisms. But, humans have their own version of the the longevity gene in their cell tissues.

Resveratrol takes out the trash!

An exciting way that Resveratrol helps the cell stay young is by helping the cell tissue to stay clean of genetic "debris." As the cell ages and can no longer replicate it's DNA accurately, the cell builds up with "useless" genetic material that "clogs" up the cell. By helping the cell replicate DNA correctly, Resveratrol keeps the cell clean. In my research, I have found that most resveratrol products are ineffective due to poor processing. The most potent and effective resveratrol supplement I have found is Resvantage.
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