Yoruba Healing Drums of Power CD

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This CD has authentic, Sacred Yoruba ritual drum rhythms. These rhythms are designed to put the listener into a deep spiritual trance. So, they are excellent for meditation. Performed by Drum teacher Michael Denney and featuring two never before recorded Sacred Ifa rhythms performed by Yoruba Drum Master and Ifa Priest Baba Ayo Adeyemi. ( Ifa is the spiritual path of the Yoruba people - like Voodoo) You want to hear the real thing? You want this CD! This Cd has been engineered to wear with head phones so, they are excellent for meditation .
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I studied with two Yoruba Drum Masters. My first teacher was Baba Ayo Adeyemi. He is a Drum Master and Ifa Shaman from Ijebu, Nigeria. He taught me Djembe, Djun Djun and Bell. His rhythms are very powerful and sacred rhythms of Ifa. Even if you go to Nigeria looking for these rhythms, you probably won't find them. I had been asking him for years for permission to record his songs. He recently gave me permission to record two of them, Gbong Gu Gbong and Hunting II, ON ONE CONDITION - that I record them with him. I naturally said, "When can can you be here?!
My second drum teacher was talking drum Master Francis Awe. His music is very complex. It is hard-core ensemble drumming. I learned numerous traditional and sacred rhythms from him on talking drum. I converted some of Francis' rhythms to hand drums so I could teach them to local drummers.